18 Castilian Recipes (Castilla & Leon)

Castilian-Leonese cuisine is perfect for those who love comfort food. In this region of Spain, you will find plenty of stews, roasted and grilled meats, delicious desserts, and high-quality wines.

Castillan recipes (Castilla & Leon)

If you are ready to discover all the delicious food Castile and Leon offer, we have compiled 18 traditional recipes you will want to recreate at home.

Castilian Recipes (Castilla & Leon)

1. Arroz a la zamorana – Zamora-style rice

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Arroz a la zamorana is a typical rice dish of Zamora. However, it is a different rice dish from others as it is packed with pork meat and uses different pig parts.

The ingredients to prepare arroz a la zamorana are pig ear, pig trotter, pork loin, Serrano ham, fresh chorizo, rice, plum tomatoes, white wine, and sweet paprika.

The key to cooking this dish to perfection is to boil the pig ear and trotter until tender so then you can add it to the rice mixture.

It is a fantastic dish to enjoy with family on a Sunday afternoon.

2. Chuletón de Ávila – Avila T-bone steak

Avila T-bone steak, known as chuletón de Ávila in Spanish, is a simple but delicious dish. You can enjoy this delicacy in many restaurants across Castile and Leon.

Ideally, you want a T-bone steak from the region, but this is very unlikely to get overseas. Therefore, any high-quality T-bone steak is suitable for this recipe.

The meat is grilled until rare to medium rare and is accompanied by homemade chips and roasted peppers.

The best way to enjoy this meat dish is with a glass of red wine.

3. Morcilla de Burgos – Burgos black pudding

Morcilla de Burgos is a popular starter in Castile and Leon. You will find it in many tapa bars and restaurants.

It is effortless to make. You simply need black pudding and olive oil. Fry the black pudding until crispy, and enjoy with a slice of bread.

You can also add a fried egg to the black pudding and bread.

4. Lechazo asado – Roasted mini lamb

Photo by Cocina Casera y Fasil

Lechazo asado originated in Palencia but can be found anywhere in Castille and Leon.

It is a good recipe for a meat feast with family and friends because lechazo asado consists of a roasted mini lamb.

The cooking time is long, so you must prepare a few hours beforehand.

You can serve this roasted mini lamb with potatoes, onions, and peppers.

5. Hornazo de Salamanca – Cold meat pasty

Photo by Recetas de Rechupete

If you love a good pasty, you must try hornazo de Salamanca, which is easy to find in bakeries across the region.

However, if you want to recreate this recipe at home, it is possible too. You will need flour, water, white wine, lard, yeast, eggs, sweet paprika, and salt for the homemade pastry and chorizo and Serrano ham for the filling.

The most important part of this recipe is the pastry, which must be nicely cooked – not too crunchy or soft, as the filling is already packed with flavors from the cold meat.

6. Torreznos de Soria – Soria pancetta

Photo by Recetas de Cocina El Mundo

Torreznos de Soria is a fantastic appetizer to enjoy with a cold beer and friends at a bar or home.

It is a straightforward recipe that uses pancetta from Soria and sunflower oil. You can make it by frying the pancetta until golden and crispy.

This appetizer can also be used as a topping for other traditional dishes such as patatas revolconas.

7. Patatas a la importancia – Palencia-style potatoes

You will love this recipe if you are looking for a different way to cook potatoes. Patatas a la importancia is a potato dish from Palencia. These potatoes are soft but delicious.

The ingredients to make patatas a la importancia are potatoes, eggs, flour, onions, garlic, saffron, fresh parsley, white wine, olive oil, and salt.

The best way to enjoy these potatoes is freshly cooked and warm, which go perfectly with any fish or meat dish.

8. Olla podrida – Castilian pot roast


One of the heartiest stews in Castile and Leon is olla podrida. It is a very traditional recipe from Burgos.

Red beans, pork ribs, pig ear and tail, chorizo, black pudding, bacon, pepper, carrots, onions, breadcrumbs, parsley, and paprika are some ingredients to make this rich-in-flavor stew.

This recipe to enjoy at lunchtime will keep you warm and full on the coldest days.

9. Botillo de León – Botillo stew

Photo by Bon Viveur

 Botillo de León is a classic winter dish whose main ingredient is pork meat.

This recipe is made with three ingredients: botillo del Bierzo, potatoes, and cabbage.

Botillo del Bierzo consists of pig intestines filled with pork meat and marinated ribs and is smoked and cured.

It is an excellent recipe for those who want to try something completely new.

10. Judiones de la Granja – White beans stew

You don’t need to look further if you are looking for a winter dish. Judiones de la Granja is perfect for you.

It is a stew made with white beans, chorizo, black pudding, Serrano ham, pig trotter, bacon, onion, tomatoes, paprika, olive oil, and salt.

After eating a plate of this white bean stew, you will feel fully satisfied.

11. Cocido maragato – Maragato stew

Photo by Cocina Familiar

Cocido maragato is another hearty stew you might want to add to your recipe book.

This stew has a bit of everything, meat, vegetables, and pulses. Specifically, you will need chickpeas, bacon, chicken, ham, chorizo, pig ear and trotters, potatoes, eggs, small noodles, onions, garlic, parsley, and paprika to make cocido maragato.

It is served in two parts: the soup with noodles is one dish, and the pulses, potatoes, and meat are another.

12. Patatas revolconas – Potatoes with pancetta and sweet paprika

Patatas revolconas is a humble potato dish full of flavors that you can find as a tapa in many bars and restaurants in Salamanca, Avila, and Extremadura.

If you are ready to make this delicious dish, all you need is potatoes, pancetta, garlic, bay, sweet paprika, olive oil, vinegar, and salt.

They are irresistible and a favorite among locals.

13. Bacalao a la burgalesa – Burgos-style cod

If you are looking for a typical dish of Castille and Leon whose key ingredient is fish, you will want to try bacalao a la burgalesa.

This Burgos-style cod is simply delicious and easy to make. You will need fresh cod, onions, peppers, garlic, olive oil and salt.

You can serve this dish with roasted potatoes, which pairs perfectly with a glass of white or rose wine.

14. Cañas zamoranas – Zamora cannoli

Photo by Hosteleria en Zamora

Cañas zamoranas is similar to Italian cannoli. These delicious circular crunchy pastries filled with pastry cream are irresistible.

If you visit Zamora, you will find them in any bakery, but if you want to make them at home, you will need flour, white wine, olive oil, and sugar for the pastry, and milk, egg yolks, cornflour, sugar, butter and lemon zest for the cream.

They are the perfect sweet treat for an afternoon snack with coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

15. Guiso de cangrejos – Crab stew

Photo by Turismo Castilla y Leon

This typical dish of Palencia is ideal for seafood lovers.

Guiso de cangrejos is a stew made with crabs, peppers, onions, chili peppers, garlic, white wine, cognac, parsley, and olive oil.

It is an easy and quick recipe that won’t take much of your time, but it is flavourful.

16. Mantecadas de Astorga – Astorga cupcakes

Photo by DAP

Mantecadas de Astorga is the perfect afternoon snack with coffee or chocolate. These cupcakes originated in Astorga and are very popular and approved by kids and adults.

They are made with only six ingredients: flour, sugar, lard, eggs, ground cinnamon, and sugar.

17. Bollo maimón – Salamanca spongy cake

Photo by Cocina Familiar

Do you love a spongy cake? Then, Bollo maimón won’t disappoint you.

It is a traditional spongy cake from Salamanca, Zamora, and other parts of Leon. It is so classic in these areas that it is said that this cake is a common gift at weddings.

If you are ready to make it at home, you only need eggs, cornflour, sugar, dried yeast, anisette, and lemon zest.

18. Yemas de Santa Teresa – Egg yolk sweets

One of the most popular sweets in Castile and Leon is yemas dulces de Santa Teresa, which comes from Avila.

They consist of tiny balls made with egg yolks, sugar, lemon zest, icing sugar, and water.

Bite-sized but incredibly delicious! Enjoy them any time you need something sweet.

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